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Dow Plans Expansion of Propionic Acid Plant in Texas

December 12, 2017
A Dow facility in Texas City, TX. Image courtesy of Google Maps
A Dow facility in Texas City, TX. Image courtesy of Google Maps

Citing rising demand from food, animal feed, and grain producers, the Dow Chemical Company’s Industrial Solutions unit plans to expand its propionic acid plant in Texas City, TX by 2019, a press release announced Monday.

Propionic acid is used as a food preservative and to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in animal feeds and grains, lowering product waste. Dow said the product offers “economic and environmental” benefits to users.

“Increased propionic acid capacity is a strategic investment in Dow’s long-term growth,” Business Director of Dow Performance Intermediates Donna Babcock said in a statement. “Our newly announced plant expansion, extensive capabilities in chemical processing and deep market knowledge will ensure we continue to be a leading supplier into food and feed applications.”

Dow said consumer preferences for higher-quality foods and their “on-the-go” lifestyles is fueling a need to extend the shelf life of products.

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