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Concetti Celebrates Century of Manufacturing

October 3, 2018
Opening ceremony at the newly extended Bastia Umbra plant
Opening ceremony at the newly extended Bastia Umbra plant

Concetti recently celebrated a century of activity in manufacturing by inaugurating the expansion and modernization of its Bastia Umbra headquarters facility, a fully digital and interconnected industry 4.0 factory, where packaging and palletizing systems for bulk products are produced and exported to over 60 countries worldwide.

The expansion will help to make Concetti more efficient and productive, in preparation for the supply and installation of new systems in the coming years.

The project represents a €5 million investment and will add over 8000 sq m to the plant, increasing both office and assembly space.

On September 15, Concetti S.p.A owners Teodoro and Giuseppe Concetti and their sons Riccardo, Francesco, and Emanuele, officially opened the new extension with more than 700 invited guests, symbolically embarking on the second centenary of manufacturing activity. A large delegation of agents from all over the world took part in the Concetti centenary event.

After guided tours of the factory, a dinner party was held in the headquarters during which the company's century-long history was retraced and new challenges for the future launched.

From the first family workshop, started in 1918 by the blacksmith Domenico Concetti in Central Italy, carried on by Francesco Concetti and right up to the present day with Teodoro and Giuseppe who, since 1975, have consolidated the company's activities in packaging machinery.

In 2012, the company opened a subsidiary in the U.S., Concetti North America Corp., based in Atlanta, and marking the beginning of a multi-year expansion project with the first overseas branch office.

Over the last five years, with the invaluable contribution of the fourth generation of the Concetti family, and thanks to forward looking and professional management, turnover has grown by 40% (to €38 million) and Concetti now enjoys an even more formidable reputation in the worldwide packaging industry.

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