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Columbia/Okura Forms Strategic Alliance with Rocketfarm

September 19, 2019
Image courtesy of Columbia/Okura
Image courtesy of Columbia/Okura

Robotic palletizing solutions firm Columbia/Okura LLC recently formed a strategic alliance with industrial cobot software creator Rocketfarm AS to develop palletizing software. This relationship will allow Columbia/Okura to provide a user-friendly software package that can be used in collaborative palletizing applications.

Columbia/Okura has been working on the development of a mobile, collaborative palletizing product solution for some time. The company intends to launch the software with its release of a new product range of palletizing cobots. 

“The partnership with Rocketfarm allows Columbia/Okura to deliver a customized and user-friendly palletizing software package to clients who need a light weight palletizer with a high degree of flexibility,” Columbia/Okura President Brian Hutton said.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with Columbia/Okura’s collaborative palletizer, the software does not require any prior programming experience. Columbia Okura’s collaborative palletizers are a mobile solution that can be flexibly deployed to different lines. For most systems, guarding is not required. The systems plug into 110V AC wall power.  

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