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Cargill Acquires Columbian Meat Firm Pollos El Bucanero

June 2, 2017
Cargill is entering the Colombian protein market. Image courtesy of USDA
Cargill is entering the Colombian protein market. Image courtesy of USDA

Global agribusiness Cargill marked its first entrance into the Columbian protein market with the acquisition of Pollos El Bucanero S.A., a major local producer of chicken and processed meat products, the Minneapolis, MN-based company announced Thursday.

“Cargill is starting a new stage in Columbia, under the Bucanero brand, which is recognized and performed by millions of customers across the country,” said Jorge Ivan Duque, who serve as general manager of Cargill’s Pollos Bucanero unit, in a statement. “Just like Cargill, this is a family business. We are confident that this will be a smooth integration and will lead to numerous benefits for our employees, customer, and communities.”

Pollos Bucanero sources meat from over 170 farms in Columbia and provides products to some of the country’s most prominent food service firms and retailers, Cargill said in a press release announcing the acquisition.

“We are thrilled to expand our operations in Latin America by brinigng our protein business to Columbia,” said Xavier Vergas, president of Cargill Protein Latin America, in the release. “As we enter this market, we are bringing the experience gained from working in protein across four continents for more than 50 years. This global presence, and our extensive work in other regions of Latin America, provides us a wealth of expertise in quality standards and an understanding of cultural taste differences. We look forward to delivering on the preferences of Columbian consumers and enriching their protein options.”

The acquired firm will operate as a part of Cargill Protein Latin America. 5000 employees currently employed by Pollos Bucanero will join Cargill. Terms of the transaction were not included in Cargill’s announcement.

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