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Ajax Supplies Screw Feeder to Specialty Chemical Maker

April 27, 2018
Ajax Equipment inclined screw feeder
Ajax Equipment inclined screw feeder

Solids handling equipment maker, Ajax Equipment, has supplied a leading specialty chemicals producer with an inclined screw feeder for transferring powder from a dryer to a sifter unit and big bag filler.

Manufactured in 316 stainless steel, the 250mm-diam screw is 6m in length. Inclined at up to 30 degrees, the feeder is ATEX compliant for Zone 22 (Zone 21 internals). The screw feeder features full flights, with variable pitch, to accommodate flow from the dryer and the powder’s significant wall friction properties.

Previously, Ajax Equipment supplied the chemicals producer with an agitated screw feeder and screw conveyor. The producer supplies monomers and performance enhancers for the plastics and polymers market, as well as, manufacturing advanced intermediates for pharmaceutical, agricultural chemicals, and photographic applications.

“The inclined screw feeder integrates into the powder transfer process, giving a reliable and consistent feed to the big bag station,” said Eddie McGee, Ajax’s technical director.

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