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Webinar: Preventing Segregation and Creating Optimal Blending in Bulk Handling Process Equipment

Image courtesy of Material Flow Solutions Inc. Kerry_Johanson_MATERIAL_FLOW_SOLUTIONS.jpg
Dr. Kerry Johanson, COO, Material Flow Solutions Inc.
Webinar will address this issue using a systematic approach using sound scientific principals as a guide

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific, Dr. Kerry Johanson, chief operations officer, Material Flow Solutions Inc., will present "Preventing Segregation and Creating Optimal Blending in Bulk Handling Process Equipment" as part of Powder & Bulk Solids' DryPro webinar series.

One of the significant contributors to production downtime and quality issues is segregation (or separation) of material blends during processing. Therefore, it is critical to understand and control segregation in process equipment. This webinar will address this issue using a systematic approach using sound scientific principals as a guide.

Segregation prevention based on in-process blending requires knowledge of several things. First, an understanding of how easily measured flow properties can/will influence the velocity and velocity profiles in process equipment. Second, an understanding of how to measure the segregation pattern and magnitude for the material placed in a given process. Finally, an understanding of how combining information about velocities and velocity profiles with segregation patterns can enhance (or mitigate) segregation present in the system. To fix a segregation problem, information regarding the velocity of material in the process equipment must be matched with the expected segregation profile or pattern. Some velocity profiles increase segregation, and some velocity profiles decrease segregation as material leaves handling systems. The trick is to know what velocity profile will help with a material’s unique segregation behaviour.

Attendees will hear:

  • A brief review of key flow properties and how they relate to predicting the velocity and velocity profiles in process equipment
  • A review of segregation measurements and understanding how segregation might happen in your process vessels during normal handling
  • A discussion about how to use flow properties to predict velocities in process equipment
  • A discussion about how to use the measured segregation patterns combined with the predicted velocity profiles to predict the segregation or quality leaving a system during discharge
  • A discussion of things that can help to minimize segregation or re-mix material in handling system processes

The discussion will contain examples of real-world segregation issues and their solutions. The people that will benefit from this discussion will be process engineers, plant managers, quality assurance engineers, design engineers, and product formulators.

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