Powder Mixing Technology Course Offered

October 17, 2011

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Powder Mixing Technology Course Offered

The Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA) is offering a technical training course on Powder Mixing Technology, November 7-8, 2011 in New Brunswick, NJ.

This course is designed for professionals who are concerned with blended powder R&D and production technology in managerial, operational, and supervisory positions involved in such industrial applications as powder metallurgy, food, pigments, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, propellants, ceramics, plastics, and fertilizers.

The course presents the principles and techniques of mixing free-flowing or cohesive powders. Selection of suitable industrial equipment for particular mixing duties will be discussed analyzing mixer performance in terms of process advantages, mixture quality, and the flexibility of the mixer for multi-product manufacture.

Other topics to be covered include powder sampling techniques, a practical discussion of the statistics of mixing, the significance of statistics in powder formulation, the aggregation of mixtures, and the use of lubricants and flow aids for powders. There will be special emphasis on the mixing of cohesive powders and the opportunities this can present to produce superior quality mixtures. The handling, packaging, and marketing of powder products will also be discussed.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
* Describe the flow or mobility of a powder and the assessment of powder mixture quality
* Distinguish between free-flowing, cohesive, segregating, and coated powder systems
* Specify the best equipment for a specific duty

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