Lab-Sized Dry Powder Blending System

November 2, 2018

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Lab-Sized Dry Powder Blending System
Readco Kurimoto RK Labmaster dry powder blending system

Readco Kurimoto LLC offers the RK Labmaster dry powder blending system. Developed to charge, blend, and discharge dry powders in laboratory size volumes from 1-12 quarts in one, continuous cycle, the RK Labmaster offers both a 360-degree, slow tumbling action and simultaneous high-speed impeller action that counter-rotate to achieve complete and repeatable uniformity, while maintaining product integrity. Processing materials within removable, stainless steel vessels in a wide choice of sizes, the benchtop mixer allows multiple products and formulations, including liquids up to 15%, to be processed in highly efficient, nearly continuous operation without risk of cross-contamination.

Ideal for mixing and blending food ingredients, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, plastics, cosmetics, and a diverse range of other powdered products, the versatile RK Labmaster features touch-screen HMI controls for intuitively easy setup and operation with variable speed and time settings plus continuous monitoring while processing. The lab-scale mixing system measures a compact 28 x 15 x 20 in. to fit neatly in any laboratory setting, and automatically stops in an upright position to prevent spillage, cleanup, and product loss.

Readco Kurimoto LLC, York, PA 800-395-4959

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