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Continuous Processors Have Optional Mobility Package

Article-Continuous Processors Have Optional Mobility Package

Readco continuous processor with durable casters
Readco continuous processor with durable casters

These continuous processors feature durable casters as optional equipment. Offered as a convenience for food, chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical, and other processors upgrading from batch processing, the non-marking casters ease installation and promote ergonomic access to the entire interior for cleaning, visual inspection, and maintenance.

After cleaning, a single operator may return the unit to position for startup, safely and easily. The mobile continuous processors are offered with a choice of casters to suit epoxy, urethane, concrete and other types of industrial flooring.

Custom-engineered, the mobile continuous processors enable manufacturers to mix multiple powdered, liquid, and viscous ingredients in a single step, while simultaneously crystallizing, encapsulating, compounding, and/or chemically reacting, as needed. Consistently yielding a high-quality, homogeneous product, the versatile processing systems run uninterrupted in 24/7 operation without the frequent stoppages and product quality variations inherent in batch processing.

Abrasive-resistant, corrosive-resistant, sanitary USDA- and 3A-compliant, and other designs are available.

Readco Kurimoto LLC, York, PA 17406 800-395-4959 www.readco.com

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