Continuous Processors Feature Adjustable Throughput Rate

Throughput rate for mixing and other processes may be adjusted in seconds

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These continuous processors feature a wide processing window that allows the throughput rate to be significantly increased to meet increasing production demands (or decreased) without compromising product quality or adding equipment.

Future-proofing against potential demand spikes, the adjustable continuous processors eliminate the need to purchase additional batch mixers and conveyors - or entire batch processing lines - to boost capacity while avoiding their requisite cleaning, labor costs, safety concerns, and batch-to-batch inconsistencies entirely. The throughput rate may be adjusted in seconds via touch-screen controls.

Ideal for continuously processing multiple liquid, dry, and viscous materials in a single step, the adjustable continuous processors feature twin shaft, co-rotating screws with intermeshing mixing elements that produce a homogeneous mixture independent of the level of fill. While batch mixers typically require a large free volume with a relatively small mixing zone, the Readco mixing system converts the entire free volume into a mixing zone, ensuring that controlled changes in throughput rates automatically apply the identical mixing intensity to all materials across a wide range of production rates. Reducing the batch volume, by contrast, reduces or eliminates the flow of material through the mixing zone and results in an incomplete mix and/or inefficient production.

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