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Continuous Hybrid Reactor Increases Control Over Process Conditions

Image courtesy of Readco Kurimoto Hybrid_Reactor_READCO.jpg
New Continuous Hybrid Reactor increases control over chemical reactions and process conditions

Devised to facilitate safe, efficient, repeatable chemical reactions, the continuous hybrid reactor (CHR) features a proprietary design that develops a deep vacuum to promote a high level of control over heat transfer rate, residence time, mixing intensity, and other reaction conditions.

Setting twin, co-rotating, hollow paddle shafts within a closed, one-piece, jacketed barrel, the new CHR offers heating, cooling, mixing, degassing, and other processes in a single step, automatically transforming liquids into powders or high-viscosity slurries, and powders or pellets into high-viscosity slurries or pastes.

Ideal for processing elastomers, adhesives, sealants, and other temperature- and/or oxygen-sensitive materials, the CHR feeds primary liquid, slurry, or melted solid reactants, catalysts, and other reagents through an injection port in the barrel. The integrated heating and mixing action drives the reaction during retention times of up to one-hour or longer, as needed. Consistent product quality is assured while any vapors, volatiles, and/or particulates are eliminated, reduced, or safely filtered and reused or removed.

The CHR integrates the mixing capabilities of the company's continuous processor and the drying capabilities of its SC processor to serve as a hybrid model. The line of continuous process equipment is offered custom-manufactured in the company's York, PA headquarters based on performance testing conducted on full-size equipment in its on-site laboratory.

Readco Kurimoto LLC, York, PA 800-395-4959 www.readco.com

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