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Dynamic Conveyor Celebrates 20 Years

Article-Dynamic Conveyor Celebrates 20 Years

Dynamic Conveyor, Muskegon, MI, has been providing conveyor systems to the manufacturing industry for 20 years, since January 1991. "We have been supplying our customers with modular conveyors that offer reconfiguration when their needs change" says Jill Batka, president of Dynamic Conveyor. "Our conveyors are very unique. Nobody offers a conveyor system like Dynamic Conveyor."

There are conveyor companies that boast modularity, but Dynamic Conveyor offers its customers something beyond modularity in the original design of the conveyor. Dynamic Conveyor offers the opportunity to configure or reconfigure what the customer already owns to create what he needs today or anytime in the future.

The ability to reconfigure equals saving money. For many manufacturers, one of the few remaining places to noticeably improve production costs without extensive alteration of the production process is with conveyor systems. Traditionally, fixed position steel conveyors have dominated this market, but manufacturers have been discovering the light- to medium-duty DynaCon systems that can be reconfigured on the fly and repaired quickly are an alternative that is providing them with an improved system that costs less and gives them the flexibility to reduce downtime to hours, not days.  

“It’s all about uptime,” says Batka. “And uptime hinges on the capability of the reconfigurable conveyor technology to easily meet changing production requirements. Uptime also requires the ability to repair the conveyor systems virtually on the fly, so, if a forklift wipes out a portion of your conveyor system, you don’t have to wait weeks for replacement or repair. 

“Over the past 20 years, reconfigurable conveyor technology has become essential for companies who need to move a lot of products on a continuous basis, and reconfigure production lines quickly. Many of these companies simply don’t have a need for fixed length steel conveyors, but they do have a need to move and change quickly.”

This reconfigurable conveyor technology is composed of lightweight, high-impact plastic units that interlock like Lego building blocks that can quickly be configured to meet the changing needs of manufacturing environments. A wide variety of special sectional components and accessories enable manufacturers to adapt a variety of challenging situations, such as running the system around obstacles, changing belts, cooling product and even transporting parts underwater. 

Unlike more expensive heavy metal conveyor systems, modular conveyors are easy to implement with your material handling equipment and easy to service.  Many parts can be replaced in a matter of minutes and are available from the factory on a same-day shipment basis.

All DynaCon product lines offer reconfigurable conveyor technology and come in a variety of widths, lengths, and accessory options. To see Dynamic Conveyor’s product offerings, including animations of conveyor systems assembly, visit www.dynamicconveyor.com.

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