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BMA Awards Contract to RHEWUM for Three Large Vibrating Conveyor Troughs

Article-BMA Awards Contract to RHEWUM for Three Large Vibrating Conveyor Troughs

BMA (Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG) placed an order with RHEWUM for construction, manufacturing, and delivery of three type RHEWUM RIU vibrating conveyors for the Nile Sugar project.

Located in the area of Nobaria, the Nile Sugar Company will include a beet sugar refinery with a processing capacity of 8000 tn/day and a raw sugar refinery with a processing capacity of 1200 tn/day.

A special feature of this project is the dimensions of the troughs with two times 10,650 mm and one 9000 mm, with the overall length of the whole haulway of 30 m to be done by only three troughs. RHEWUM will realize these machines not in the conventional bar-driven way but driven by two out-of-balance motors. Doing it this way, it is important to achieve an extremely warp-resistant construction in order to get the needed consistent movement of the machine and to guarantee this even at changing loads during the discharge of the sugar centrifuges. Instead of conventional helicoidal pressure springs special elements, six for each trough, made by Rosta, will be used as vibration absorbers.

Commissioning is foreseen for the first quarter of 2009.

After clearance with the consortium the construction works have already been started by Orascom Construction as general contractor for the local part of assembly.

RIU vibrating conveying troughs are an economical transportation device for the continuous or intermittently transport of bulk materials. They guarantee a high transportation speed and soft material treatment at the same time.

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