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ASGCO Unveils New Conveyor Belt Cleaner

ASGCO BC-2 conveyor belt cleaner
ASGCO BC-2 conveyor belt cleaner

The new patent-pending ASGCO BC-2 conveyor belt cleaner’s pre-tensioned stainless steel torsion spring mechanism provides continuous pressure on each arm assembly and the bolt-on overlapping tungsten carbide blades are adjustable and easy to replace, cutting down on maintenance cost and improving productivity.

The overlapping blades also ensure 100% belt coverage for the best possible clean, and with each blade having the ability to be replaced individually, there is no need to replace the arm on every blade change.

The belt cleaner is engineered, designed, and manufactured for the most demanding of mining applications. The heavy-duty, zinc-coated steel mounting tube, self-tensioning arm assembly, and blades provide constant cleaning with excellent corrosion and rust resistance. With a flexible configuration, the BC-2 gives the customer the option to locate the blades directly on the head pulley and into the receiving chute. Additionally, the HD Bolt-Up tensioner lets you simply and accurately configure the tensioning.

The BC-2 is primarily intended for use in aggregate, cement, metal mining (copper, gold, iron ore, nickel) mining, steel mills, coal, pulp and paper mills, bulk shipping terminals, and mineral mining.

ASGCO, Allentown, PA 800-344-4000 www.asgco.com

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