Piab Launches piSAFE Program

Piab’s piSAFE program enables benefits in applications where safety, flexibility, speed, and performance are key.

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While maintaining vacuum performance thorough Piab’s patented COAX technology the flexible design and ease of maintenance makes it a solution for challenging robotic applications and ergonomic handling devices where safety is a key concern. Whether you want a centralized or decentralized vacuum gripping system, interfaces towards common (industrial standard) EOAT systems or stand-alone mounting, the piSAFE program provides a high vacuum safety and high performing configuration.

Key benefits of the piSAFE program include:

* Vacuum safety non-return valve (check valve) that holds vacuum in sealed applications in case of a system or power failure

* Available configurations suitable for both centralized and decentralized vacuum systems

* Can replace more expensive mechanical or vacuum-tank safety arrangements in robotic tools and ergonomic equipment

* Suitable in robotic applications where high demand of safety is required

* Suitable for ergonomic lifting devices/manipulators and cranes that must comply with lifting norms such as (DIN/SS) – EN 13155 and ASME Standard B30.20

* Through the energy saving features, the noise level is reduced as well as the carbon footprint.

* Air consumption is reduced up to 98% per cycle.

* Light-weight materials lower the weight for EOAT and ensure less wear on robotic motors and drive with a possibility for increased speed/acceleration or a smaller, cheaper robot.

Key features of the piSAFE program include:

* Configurable with vacuum ejectors based on COAX technology with integrated control functions for energy-saving and release

* Vacuum sensing port included for easy installation of good-to-go switch

* Configurable with different types of release functions supporting maximum release speed and air-consumption free release

* Configurable with multiple mounting options

* The modular design facilitates opportunities for easy maintenance, quick connect options and is fit for application configurations.

For more information, call 800-321-7422 or visit www.piab.com

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