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New Equipment

Packline Materials Handling Launches Single-Arm Clamping Vertical Spindle Attachment

Image courtesy of Packline Materials Handling Compact Clamping Vertical Spindle
Packline Materials Handling's new spindle attachment handles telescoping rolls in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical processing.
The new spindle attachment was designed for handling telescoping rolls in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical processing.

Packline Materials Handling and Ultrasource LLC launched the compact single-arm clamping vertical spindle attachment in response to a food processing customer to handle small rolls of film or foil that can telescope while being handled.

Constructed from stainless steel, this roll handling solution is suitable for clean room high care environments including the food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical and medical industries.

The compact lifting machine and vertical spindle attachment is suitable for smaller rolls. In addition, the lifter can manage narrow aisles and confined, restricted spaces with limited access, and maneuverability.

The vertical spindle handles smaller rolls with a diameter of 15 in. and lift capacity of 66 lb where it is not necessary to clamp both sides of the roll. The clamping arm has nitrile rubber pads to ensure that the roll is securely in position.

In addition to the clamping mechanism, rolls are securely gripped by the core. This mechanism has a torque limiter fitted so that the clamping fingers do not over or under tighten in the core, the companies state.

This model has a gearbox with three handwheels that manage rotation, roll gripping, and clamping of the arm.

Packline attachments are fully interchangeable and can be fitted or removed from any model of Compac lifting machine fitted with the quick release system.

Packline Materials Handling, Dorset, UK +44(0)1202 307700 www.packline.co.uk

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