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Material Handling & Transportation Focus - June 08

May 30, 2008

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Material Handling & Transportation Focus - June 08

Loading-Rack Gangways
A leading provider of stronger, safer, and easier-to-handle truck and railcar loading-rack and fall-protection equipment for the petroleum, biofuel, specialized chemical, food/pharmaceutical, cement, and other industries, this company offers the redesigned, patent-pending G4 gangway. In development for 18 months, the G4 uses cutting-edge metal-stamping technology to create a stronger gangway that is lighter and smoother to operate. The gangways are constructed using parts, most often aluminum, that are stamped out in a tool-and-die process and then formed by bending the metal into the required shape, eliminating the need to weld the pieces together. This production process is also quicker than the one used for legacy gangway systems, allowing for more-expedient delivery and turnaround time for the customer.
SafeRack LLC, Sumter, SC 866-761-7225 www.saferack.com

Tank Truck Elevating Platform
The patented Model M-26 G-RAFF elevating platform is specifically designed for tank/bulk trucks. It provides railing fall protection for all of the top ports on a typical tank/bulk truck. Features include a self-supporting, level, elevating work platform and railing enclosure; machine screw actuation; push-button controls; the ability to support loading arms; rugged steel construction; and top coating to specifications. Well suited for loading, the unit is easy to install and operate. It meets or exceeds OSHA requirements and is easily customized.
Benko Products Inc., Sheffield Village, OH 440-934-2180 www.benkoproducts.com

Load-Locking System
The easy-adjust Pallet-Grip load-locking system for straddle-stretch wrapping systems locks a load to a pallet with a cable of film rolled into the bottom wraps and placed below the deck of the pallet. The system captures any style of pallet in a wider range of heights, from 4 to 6 in. high, while retaining the ability to completely wrap to the top of the load. The system places a rolled cable of film approximately 1.5 in. below the pallet deck, while the remainder of the film web captures the load above the deck.
Lantech.com, Louisville, KY 800-866-0322 www.lantech.com

Vacuum Tube Lifting System
The UniMove vacuum-tube lifting system allows one operator to effortlessly and precisely pick up and move items that weigh up to 1000 lb. Constructed of standard stainless steel and featuring 360° rotation, the unit can handle a large variety of products including corrugated boxes, bags, metal and plastic drums, and large sheets of metal or wood. With its patented valve design, it automatically adjusts for uneven, flexible, rough, and porous surfaces.
UniTech Industries Inc., Palmerton, PA 610-826-7855 www.unimove.com

Load Transfer System
The Vari-Load transfer system allows power plants and other material-handling operations to efficiently transfer materials from one conveyor to another with reduced dust emissions, often resulting in no visible dust conditions. The system features a variable controlled flow design, which reduces the flow of dust-laden induced air at the transfer point—a typical source of turbulence and dust emissions in the plant environment. In addition, the controlled-flow design of the system allows plant operators to easily increase or decrease tonnage capacity as needed. The system is completely adaptable for both wet and dry materials. The design fosters center loading through the chute onto the belt to promote smooth operation.
Air Control Science, a div. of CCC Group Inc., Greenwood Village, CO 888-866-3878 www.aircontrolscience.com

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