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Guttridge Video Details Project for Tea Manufacturer

Article-Guttridge Video Details Project for Tea Manufacturer

This new video from Guttridge Ltd shows the detailed effort applied at every stage of a recent, highly successful project to provide tea handling and storage equipment for a global leader in the market.

The footage delivers insight into the rigorous work processes that Guttridge apply, from receipt of order to finished equipment testing. These steps ensure the achievement of the standards required for companies targeting the highest levels of safe, hygienic, and efficient bulk material handling.

Guttridge Ltd, a leading UK manufacturer of bulk materials handling equipment, routinely tackles diverse applications across a number of industries, from animal feeds, biomass, and cereals, to food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Completing all project design and development within the Guttridge facility ensures control over every aspect of the project and enables the company to precisely tailor equipment to meet customer needs.

The new video shows engineering design, production planning, production programming, laser cutting, and construction. It also includes shots of the in-house design engineers working with state-of-the-art CAD systems to create the 3D model from which production is planned, as well as footage of the manufacturing process itself.

The customer needed equipment to manage their intake system, handling two types of decaffeinated tea. Guttridge specified a bucket elevator, which is an efficient transport system for handling both free-flowing materials and semi-free flowing materials, to meet throughput requirements in an energy efficient manner. The finished system allows incoming bulk bags containing tea to be loaded onto the standard Guttridge bulk bag discharger via the integrated hoist. The bag is then opened and discharged into the bucket elevator which transports the tea into the silos. Finally, tea is drawn out of the silos by suction lances and fed to the bagging machines, completing the handling process.

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