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Ensign Equipment Completes Plant Expansion

Supplier of material handling equipment and integrated systems for handling dry bulk solids, has completed a 10,000-sq-ft expansion of its assembly plant.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

December 15, 2022

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Ensign Equipment Inc. has completed a 10,000-sq-ft expansion of its assembly plant. Image courtesy of Ensign Equipment

Ensign Equipment Inc., a supplier of material handling equipment and integrated systems for handling dry bulk solids, has completed a 10,000-sq-ft expansion of its assembly plant.

The project started in 2021, but was delayed by several supply chain disruptions. The expansion is part of an ongoing trend for the company as it has expanded its office space twice in the past three years to keep up with the consistent hiring of additional talent in its sales, engineering, and procurement departments.

The 10,000-sq-ft addition will nearly double the company’s assembly space, accommodating the continued growth Ensign has experienced due to higher demands for automated material handling solutions.

“There is a strong increase from our existing and new clients for solutions to be more automated and more intuitive as many have struggled to not only find employees, but also qualified personnel who able to operate machinery,” said Andrew Hartline, VP of sales & marketing. Our president, Mark Hoffman, has always had a progressive mindset. With his support we made significant infrastructure investments in people and technology a few years back. This has primed us for our recent growth. Our team’s hard work and dedication has allowed us to keep up with the increased demand we’ve been fortunate to experience.”

The completed expansion and increased production team enables Ensign to provide equipment with significantly faster lead times.

About Ensign Equipment

Headquartered in Holland, MI, Ensign Equipment engineers, manufactures, and integrates bulk material handling equipment and automated systems that convey, mix, load, unload, weigh, feed, and store dry bulk materials. Ensign designs equipment and systems that meet specific process requirements. With thousands of installations worldwide, Ensign has handled various applications and materials including films, flakes, pellets, chips, fibers, granules, powders, and dissimilar materials of various types, densities, size, and characteristics.

The company’s range of reliable material handling equipment is available in mild steel with durable finishes or stainless steel for recycling, industrial, pharmaceutical, food, and agricultural applications. Equipment includes:

* Hydraulic container and box dumpers
* Lift & dump systems
* Bag unloading equipment
* Flexible screw conveyors
* Power hoppers
* High-capacity vertical auger mixers
* Batch weigh systems
* Surge bins
* Bag break stations
* Extended pivot dumpers
* Gaylord and drum tilters
* Bulk bag filling systems
* Solid-core screw conveyors
* Portable batch mixers
* Portable storage bins
* Live-bottom storage bins
* Belt conveyors

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