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Is Conventional Palletizing Dead?

Article-Is Conventional Palletizing Dead?

Intelligrated, a leading North American-owned automated material handling solutions provider, announces the release of a new white paper that discusses the viability of various types of palletizing technologies, ranging from conventional machines to robotic solutions. Written by Intelligrated product manager Pat O'Connor, "Conventional vs. Robotic Palletizing" outlines the specific applications that favor robotic, conventional, and hybrid palletizing solutions.

Rather than getting immersed in ambiguous statistics and marketing buzz words like "flexible" or "fixed automation," this paper looks at the specific applications that favor certain palletizing technology to determine if the future of palletizing is exclusively robotic.

Robotic palletizing favors lower-speed operations as well as applications where the product shape demands the precision of an articulated arm. Conventional palletizers are ideal for very high-speed applications and remain flexible in regards to product packaging and stacking patterns. The paper also highlights the recent innovation of conventional and robotic combinations, which yield a solution that combines the flexibility and repeatability of robotic arms with the speed and reliability of conventional palletizers.

Will one type of technology dominate palletizing in the future? Download "Conventional vs. Robotic Palletizing" to find out what Intelligrated thinks. To download the white paper, visit the Intelligrated Information Center.