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Bulk Material Handling Expert to Serve As Concrete Institute Chair

Article-Bulk Material Handling Expert to Serve As Concrete Institute Chair

Tim Harvey, P.E., director of material storage and handling at River Consulting LLC, will begin serving a three-year term this month as the chairperson for the American Concrete Institute (ACI) 313 committee that is responsible for developing and reporting information on design and construction of concrete bins and silos for the storage of bulk materials.

In his new role, Harvey will direct the annual meetings, as well as act as a liaison between the committee and the ACI Technical Advisory Committee, which oversees all of the technical committees of ACI.

Harvey is an industry expert with more than 30 years of experience in the field of bulk material handling, with a vast majority of his experience in the design of reinforced concrete silos and stacking tubes for storing bulk materials. His design work includes coal storage silos and stacking tubes in all of the eastern and western coal producing regions of the U.S. and his cement silo storage design and inspection work includes all of the major cement companies in the U.S. He has also designed numerous fly ash storage silos at power plants in most areas of the country, and numerous silos for grain and other commodities. Additionally, he has performed hundreds of site inspections and assessments of existing structures for industrial facilities and provided detailed reports and design recommendations.

The American Concrete Institute is the governing organization for the design and construction of concrete structures in the U.S. The ACI writes the building code provisions and technical requirements for the construction of concrete structures that are adopted by the building code officials. ACI committees, which are made up of experts in the various areas of concrete construction, write the governing documents that are used as standard references world-wide for design and construction of concrete structures.

River Consulting is a leading mid-major A/E to global energy, food, process, and industrial clients, delivering multidiscipline engineering and project management solutions for major capital projects and facility and process expansions. The firm’s experience spans over three decades and 57 countries with offices in Columbus, OH, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and Tulsa, OK.

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