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Walmart Announces Opening of New Beef Packing Facility

January 13, 2020

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Walmart Announces Opening of New Beef Packing Facility
Walmart opened a new beef packing plant in Georgia. Image courtesy of Walmart

American retail chain operator Walmart opened its new 201,000-sq-ft case-ready beef packing facility in Thomasville, GA last Friday, the company announced last Friday. Operated by FPL foods, the project created more than 200 new jobs.

“Our new Angus beef supply chain is a perfect example of Walmart’s dedication to bringing customers high-quality food at a great price,” Scott Neal, senior vice president, Meat at Walmart U.S., said in a statement. “By enlisting a number of top companies to take part in our Angus beef supply chain, including FLP foods, which operates the facility we’re proud to open today, we’ll be able to provide customers with unprecedented transparency throughout the supply chain and leverage the learning we gain across our business.”

The company started construction on the site in August 2018 as part of an effort to increase the quality of the food products it carries. Walmart’s Thomasville plant will process and distribute cuts of Angus beef, including steaks and roasts, to 500 Walmart stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and other parts of the southeast U.S.

As part of its efforts to create an end-to-end beef supply chain, Walmart is also partnering with some prominent suppliers in the space, like cattle supplier Prime Pursuits, feed firm Mc6 Cattle Feeders, and processor Creekstone Farms. 

Plans for the project were first announced in April 2019. The retailer said consumer demand for clean labels, traceability and transparency were driving its decision to develop its supply chain and open the new facility in Georgia.

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