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Whitehouse Scientific Initiates Testing of New Particle-Size Standard

Whitehouse Scientific has initiated external testing of a new particle-size standard. The company has produced a 500kg batch of silver-coated glass microspheres in the size range 15 to 150 microns. The first of its kind, this opaque standard is expected to have universal application and be compliant to the latest ISO and USP standards.

LGC Standards (Bury, Lancashire, UK) will carry out the statistical analysis of test results. Dr. Graham Rideal, managing director of Whitehouse Scientific, feels that their involvement is an essential part of the testing process. “LGC Standards has an international reputation in the field of proficiency testing and has run many schemes over the years,” he said. “Their independence in this type of exercise is really important, not only because of their experience, but also in maintaining anonymity of the test data. LGC Standards will be able to provide a statistically robust set of final certified values, which we hope will be recognized as being truly independent.”

Subdivided into single-shot bottles from 2.5g down to 100mg, the opaque standard is suitable for all particle sizing methods, from laser diffraction and image analysis to optical zone sensing devices, and for both wet and dry analyses.

For more information about the standard or the current testing program, visit www.whitehousescientific.com.

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