May 26, 2011

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UWT Level Controls Win EHEDG Approval

Rotating paddle level limit switches within the Rotonivo range and Vibration level limit switches within the Vibranivo range are now available with EHEDG approval.

The following paddle switches are available with EHEDG approval: RN3001 and RN6001 (full, demand, empty detector with short extension length); RN3002 and RN6002 (full detector with pipe extension); RN3004 and RN6004 (full, demand, empty detector with pipe extension).

The following vibrating forks are available with EHEDG approval: VN1020, VN2020, VN5020, and VN6020 (short extension length); VN1030, VN2030, VN5030, and VN6030 (pipe extension).

By installing the EHEDG-approved products in the Rotonivo and Vibranivo ranges available at UWT (UK) Ltd, the industrial producer is able to eliminate costs for cleaning, quality defects, and production stoppages. These EHEDG-approved level measurement products fulfill all principles of hygienic design and support hygienic processing of dry particulate materials in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. These are essential principles to adhere to when installing level control switches within hygiene and food standard sensitive applications, according to Graeme Hughes of UWT UK Ltd.

UWT (UK) Ltd is able to provide a comprehensive list of approvals for its products. As well as the EHEDG approval, the following approvals are also currently available across its range of level measurement products: ATEX, ICE Ex, GOST Ex, RTN Ex.

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