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Controller_SCHENCK_PROCESS.jpg Image courtesy of Schenck Process

Schenck Process Launches Control and Automation System

Schenck Process launches CONiQ control and automation system

CONiQ control is a flexible control and automation system with many options for use in industrial measuring, weighing, and automation technology.

Schenck Process standardizes the use of a common controller platform for a wide variety of processes for the first time. The hardware and software components are optimized with regard to the user interface, connectivity (IIOT), configurability, and calibration capability.

The range of applications extends from a variety of measuring and weighing technologies to logistical automation solutions and applications in the field of continuous processes that will soon be available – concentrating especially on bulk material handling.

The first available application can be used for is precise, legal-for-trade weighing and automation solutions in the field of static weighing and identification of freight, trucks, and cranes.

The new controller’s main advantage is the user-guiding, web-based interface that won the 2019 reddot award for its intuitive interface design.

The CONiQ Control offers:

* Award-winning user interface: The touch control interface intuitively guides the user through their task, simplifies and accelerates operations, and allows short training times.

* Remote access: Access to the control unit is available using Ethernet or WiFi connections. The web-based user interface also enables operation via mobile devices. Additionally, remote access without app or software installation improves maintenance services, resulting in faster response times and a reduced downtime.

* Customized modularity: In line with increasing standardization requirements of end- and OEM-customers, both hardware and software are modular and can be combined to suit relevant applications. CONiQ control has a fieldbus interface for easy system integration and is available with different housing variants. This allows the controller to be adapted precisely to various applications and environments. The functions of the controller are determined by the software, expansion modules used and parameterization.

Schenck Process, Kansas City, MO 816-891-9300 www.schenckprocess.com

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