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Partnership Helps Automate Research Feed Mill Project at KSU

Article-Partnership Helps Automate Research Feed Mill Project at KSU

Control Assemblies has partnered with Tatsoft, a Houston-based application framework developer, following a successful joint-application of an innovative platform that helped automate a research feed mill project at Kansas State University.

Control Assemblies will join Tatsoft’s solution provider partner channel to develop and integrate .NET-based SCADA-HMI solutions on customer projects and applications using the Tatsoft FactoryStudio platform.  

Control Assemblies points to the successful application of FactoryStudio on a pro-bono project at Kansas State University as key to forging the partnership. “While building a control system for the feed safety research center at the university we came to appreciate the depth and simplicity that FactoryStudio offers,” said Mark Spindler, vice president of user solutions at Control Assemblies. “The platform helped deliver an innovative solution by offering students running the mill the opportunity to experiment with a user-friendly, iPad interface.”

Control Assemblies installed Tatsoft’s flagship platform as a remotely accessible HMI solution. Students in the program can move freely around the feed mill facility while simultaneously using an iPad to manage controls and monitor system health via the FactoryStudio mobile user interface.     

“Control Assemblies is an established designer and manufacturer of control systems, serving many companies across the industrial automation marketplace,” said Marcos Taccolini, CEO of Tatsoft. “Its decision to partner with Tatsoft provides us with new opportunities in food and agriculture and beyond. We are pleased to welcome them to our team.”

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