Online Chemical Mapping Provides Easy Chemical Inventory Management

July 14, 2014

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Online Chemical Mapping Provides Easy Chemical Inventory Management

MSDSonline, an innovator of sustainable cloud-based EHS solutions, announces an advancement in chemical inventory management with the launch of its new chemical mapping feature. Automatically available to subscribers of MSDSonline's advanced chemical management solutions, the feature gives users a visual representation of their workplace chemicals, and drag and drop controls convert facility floor plans into interactive maps. For the first time customers can now instantly identify, move, and manage their chemical inventories on image maps of their facilities.

"We think chemical mapping is a game changer when it comes to understanding workplace chemical environments," said Mike Flynn, MSDSonline's VP of strategy & product development. "Our use of the Web continues to be more and more visually based and now our customers have the tools that allow their employees to not just know what hazardous chemicals they have within the workplace, but more importantly see where those chemicals are specifically located."

MSDSonline customers with either an HQ Account or HQ RegXR Account can log into their accounts and upload site maps of their facilities into the system. Numerous maps can be added to an account for multiple facilities, floors, or departments. Once uploaded, customers can then drag and drop container icons representing their specific chemical products onto the map. Completed maps can be viewed from the customer's personal chemical dashboard, called an eBinder, and use it to quickly and accurately track and manage chemicals throughout their facility.

Regarding the benefits to customers, Flynn added, "Our mapping enhancement lets users identify clusters of hazardous material, provide real-time visual representation of dangerous chemicals for first responders, and assist with disaster preparedness."

The mapping enhancement joins a host of other features that come standard in MSDSonline's HQ and HQ RegXR chemical management solutions, including:

•    Access to the industry leading database of safety data sheets, with
•    millions of documents in a variety of regulatory formats (e.g. OSHA,
•    WHMIS, GHS, etc.)
•    Detailed, multi-level container location tracking and reconciliation
•    Custom chemical label and barcode creation (OSHA, WHMIS, GHS)
•    Employee Right-to-Know MSDS search interface
•    Flagging and management of banned chemicals
•    Advanced environmental and regulatory reporting

For more information or to sign up for a demo of MSDSonline's new mapping feature and suite of mobile-enabled chemical management solutions, visit or call 888-362-2007.

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