July 14, 2009

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New Moisture Sensor Concept Developed

Drying Technology Inc. has developed a new way of sensing moisture of products exiting dryers, ovens, coaters, and the like, for products such as webs, bulk solids, coated products, and products that exhibit a cooling curve following a heating process, that may be successfully measured for moisture content by using the temperature drop (ΔT) of two consecutive on-line surface temperature readings T1 and T2 along a line parallel with the direction of flow. 

This new moisture senor should be useful in such applications as corrugated board, pulp and paper webs, non-wovens, and bulk solids such as chemicals, minerals, animal feed, and pet food. The ΔT data is continuously sensed and an output signal proportional to the product MC is generated by use of the Delta T mathematical model. The signal can be used to monitor moisture content of the product or control the moisture leaving the dryer, oven, etc. 

This new development in Delta T moisture sensing and control complements the basic Delta T moisture control system that is able to sense the moisture inside the harsh environment of the drying system, thus reducing the dead time (and the moisture variation) by at least 30% and sometimes more. Consequently, if applicable, more water can be left in the product without exceeding the upper specification limit.

For more information, visit www.moisturecontrols.com.

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