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Kice Industries VJX airlock

New Equipment at Powder Show Toronto

Prater Industries, Spraying Systems Co., Kice Industries Inc., and Rechner Automation Inc. will offer new equipment introductions at Powder Show Toronto, May 16-18, 2017 at the Toronto Congress Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Prater (booth 2232) offers a Quick Clean lump breaker that is inspired by the design of the company’s QTA series of airlock and shares similar design elements such as direct-drive and tool-less access end-plates. The end-plates are also mounted to a sliding rail system and provide the easiest and safest access to the internals of the unit.

Spraying Systems (booth 2048) will feature its TankJet 78 sanitary tank cleaner that provides more than 30 times the cleaning power of fixed spray balls and 10 times the impact of most rotary spray balls to ensure fast, efficient, and thorough cleaning of tanks up to 45 ft in diam. Providing 360° coverage of tank interiors, the unit is ideal for CIP in sanitary applications.

Kice Industries’ offerings (booth 1944) will include the VJX airlock that features a patent-pending bearing cartridge design that bolts to endplate for ease of assembly and maintenance. It is designed to comply with NFPA 69 criteria as a passive isolation device. A maintenance-free Teflon seal with triple quad-ring seals protects bearings from product contamination.

Rechner Automation (booth 2343) will feature a smart paddle capacitive sensor that has a stationary electronic paddle and no moving parts. The sensor is mounted through the wall of the tank/hopper. Any product sitting on top of the paddle will be ignored. Product must be on both sides of the paddle for detection. The housing material is liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and conforms to FDA requirements.

Click here for information about the PBS Toronto event, May 16-18, 2017


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