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Micromeritics to Participate in University of Maryland Tableting Course

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy will hold its second annual Tablets & Capsules Hands-On Short Course in October. The training will provide a general overview of the production of multiparticulate beads, capsules, and tables. Micromeritics has been asked to present a lecture and participate in training laboratories for a number of materials testing techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry.  

One of the major goals of this course is to guide students from raw material assessment to formulation development, finishing with end-product testing and quality control using PAT methods. The education received from this program will provide students with a thorough understanding of tablet and capsule manufacturing. The University of Maryland has designed this course for industrial researchers concerned with formulation development, process development, quality control, and administration. In addition, this training is beneficial for DFA regulators working in CMC and labs involved in product quality evaluation. Micromeritics will present a lecture that covers sampling, particle size and distribution, surface area and shape, and bulk properties, density, porosity, particle-particle interactions, and flow.

Besides offering lecture material, the program also includes a series of comprehensive labs. A variety of topics will be discussed throughout the course, such as milling, mixing, granulation, spray drying, compression, encapsulation, and coating. Micromeritics scientists will assist in the laboratory sessions concerning surface area, envelope density, skeletal density, and particle size and shape. These labs will also include demonstrations of Micromeritics’ instruments used by the pharmaceutical industry to obtain these measurements. Demonstration instruments include the Particle InSight Dynamic Image Analyzer for measuring particle size and shape and AccuPyc II Gas Displacement Pycnometer for determining true and skeletal density.

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