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Mettler-Toledo Safeline Offers Free X-Ray Inspection Webinar

Article-Mettler-Toledo Safeline Offers Free X-Ray Inspection Webinar

Mettler-Toledo Safeline, a product inspection expert for the food and pharmaceutical industries, will offer a free webinar on November 19 at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time entitled, “X-ray Inspection in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.”

Most people have seen x-ray inspection equipment at airport security points and in medical offices. While the basic technology is the same, the application of inline x-ray inspection on a high-speed food or pharmaceutical production line is quite different -- and the equipment offers many more capabilities. This webinar will cover the basics of x-ray inspection technology and its application in a manufacturing environment. Attendees will learn what it can do and, equally important, what it cannot do. The webinar will also cover the important issue of safety and how you can incorporate x-ray inspection into your HACCP and GMP brand protection programs.

Mettler’s expert presenters have many years of experience applying x-ray technology to in-line product inspection. The webinar is scheduled to last one hour and there will be a live question and answer session at the end. The webinar is recommended for product inspection equipment influencers and decision-makers and for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of product inspection.

To register, visit www.mt.com/webinars.

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