Manufacturer Reports Cost Savings, Reduced Machine Downtime from MaxUp Advantage

June 5, 2014

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Manufacturer Reports Cost Savings, Reduced Machine Downtime from MaxUp Advantage

    A large Midwest pulp and paper plant was experiencing long, frequent machine downtime delays related to parts. It had approximately $2 million worth of spare parts inventory, but never seemed to have the parts needed at the right time.
    The client imported its inventory data into the MaxUp Advantage system using Excel. During the first phase, the company imported 8000 line items. In less than one minute a report was generated that identified thousands of potentially critical spare parts and insufficiently stocked parts.
    The second phase was more in-depth and required the client to input data so the MaxUp Advantage system could analytically identify critical, semi-critical, and non-critical parts. The plant updated its SAP system with this data, and so far the company has identified obsolete items and is in the process of isolating or disposing of them to make room for parts that are needed.
    After implementing MaxUp Advantage the client saw:
•    $675K worth of excess and inactive inventory
•    Decreased spot buys by over 44%
•    Decreased downtime by over 38%
•    Increased inventory activity up to 80%

    As this actual application shows, MaxUp Advantage is a robust system intended to fill in the gaps that are left in so many CMMS and Spare Parts Management Systems - with immediate and dramatic results.
The unique features of this system provide:
•    Appropriate replenishment level algorithms specifically designed for spare parts inventory
•    Criticality levels of parts to determine what needs to be stocked
•    Association of parts to equipment and identification of machine criticality levels
•    Probability of part failure to proactively schedule predictive maintenance
•    Specialized spare parts suppliers many of which provide OEM equivalent parts
•    The ability to upload existing inventory to identify potentially critical parts, excess, and insufficient stock levels.
•    Better management controls for repair and warranty parts

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