Malvern Spraytec Now Online and Interactive

July 10, 2008

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Malvern Spraytec Now Online and Interactive

Visitors to Malvern Instruments’ Web site can now explore the capabilities of the company’s Spraytec system interactively, in three dimensions, direct from their desktops at The introduction of a new online demo model allows everyone to immediately explore the benefits of the world’s most advanced laser diffraction spray characterization system, inside and out, from any angle, with every feature detailed at the click of a mouse.

Spraytec measures sprays with particles in the size range 0.1 to 2000 microns and its fast 10 kHz data acquisition rate allows the real-time capture of atomization dynamics. Patented high concentration analysis and full measurement automation deliver a high level of detail about spray and aerosol device operation. Users can view the evolution of droplet size as a function of time throughout the spray event, for a complete understanding of different atomization processes.

The Spraytec’s flexibility means it is as suited to pharmaceutical research and university laboratories as it is to the industrial environment. It enables the routine characterization of industrial spray systems such as fuel injectors, agrochemical sprays, and coating sprays and has proved to be an essential tool for a variety of pharmaceutical applications.

Since the launch of Spraytec, Malvern Instruments has seen a growth of more than 25% in spray related sales. The system’s ease of use has been a key to its rapid acceptance on a global scale and across developing markets in India, China, and Eastern Europe. Automated alignment of the optics, event-triggered measurements, and synchronized data capture feed into advanced, application-specific data analysis functions that the user can manipulate via a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

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