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Malvern Publishes Online Chemical Imaging Bibliography

Article-Malvern Publishes Online Chemical Imaging Bibliography

By combining conventional spectroscopy with sophisticated mapping and imaging technology in its SyNIRgi chemical imaging system and ISys chemical imaging software, Malvern Instruments has extended the application of vibrational spectroscopy. This is evidenced by the extensive online chemical imaging bibliography now available on Malvern’s Web site. Research papers and published abstracts by both Malvern users and Malvern’s own experts demonstrate a vast range of practical case studies using SyNIRgy, ISys, or both. The new bibliography can be accessed at www.malvern.com/NIRCI_bibliography.

Chemical imaging systems are important analytical tools able to deliver previously inaccessible information about the spatial location of chemical species within a sample. Malvern’s SyNIRgi near infrared chemical imaging (NIRCI) system can solve problems for a wide range of sample types and applications, from pharmaceutical tablets and granules, to grains and seeds, to household and consumer products. ISys software provides a universal platform to import and manipulate MIR, NIR, and Raman imaging and chemical mapping data and image files from a variety of vendor systems.

As well as the new chemical imaging bibliography, further information on the SyNIRgi system and access to a 30-day trial version of ISys chemical imaging software can also be found at www.malvern.com/NIRCI.

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