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Latest Malvern Zetasizer Nano Citations Span Graphite to Gold, Polymers to Polysaccharides

Latest Malvern Zetasizer Nano Citations Span Graphite to Gold, Polymers to Polysaccharides
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Available on the Malvern Instruments Web, an updated list of citations for the Zetasizer Nano series of dynamic light scattering systems shows that it is being used for the characterization of materials ranging from graphite and gold to polymers and polysaccharides.

As of February 2012, the top ten publications cited, gathered via Google Scholar according to the number of citations for each paper, include authors from Australia, Japan, the U.S., Denmark, China, and Taiwan. The list is available online at www.malvern.com/zetasizer-nano-top10.

Aside from the sheer number of the publications that refer to the use of the Zetasizer Nano, it is also worth exploring how often publications that contain particle size and zeta potential data have been cross-referenced by other researchers, underscoring the significance and trust in the Zetasizer Nano by the global scientific community.

Light scattering techniques have become increasingly widespread in the academic and industrial research community in recent years. Advances in experimental techniques mean that increasingly sensitive instrumentation is available to measure ever smaller sample quantities and smaller sizes of particle and molecule.

The reach of both dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering techniques is evidenced by the large number of publications containing data from the  Zetasizer Nano in support of ground-breaking discoveries, and also reflecting the public interest in understanding the safety of nanoparticles.

For more information on the Zetasizer Nano series, or other material characterization system from Malvern Instruments, visit www.malvern.com/zetasizer.

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