Laser Particle Sizer Offers Short Analysis Times

June 2, 2020

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Laser Particle Sizer Offers Short Analysis Times

There are two requirement choices with the completely revised Analysette 22 NeXT: The Analysette 22 NeXT Micro with a measuring range of 0.05–1500 µm for all typical measurement tasks or the high-end instrument Analysette 22 NeXT Nano with an extra wide measuring range of 0.01–3800 µm for maximum precision and sensitivity for smallest particles with an additional detector system.

Advantages are easy operation, short analysis times, reliably reproducible results, and the recording of additional parameters such as temperature and pH value during wet dispersion.

Only One Laser for Faster Measurement Results
The new generation Analysette 22 NeXT operates like every Fritsch laser particle sizer with the patented reverse fourier design. The laser particle sizer operates with only one laser and does not need an additional light source even for backward scattering. Therefore it records the entire measuring range with only one scan. That makes your work significantly faster – you can conduct more measurements in the same time if necessary. And you can see live how the measuring result develops. The measuring time is less than one minute - including a residue-free cleaning.

Reliable Thoroughness with Wet Dispersion
The ideal method of preparation for particle size measurement is the wet dispersion. With its cleverly reduced design and solid, robust engineering, the dispersion unit of the Analysette 22 NeXT is designed for a long service life and is practically maintenance-free. Doing completely without valves and moveable seals in the sample circulation system ensures for example that no dead spaces occur and no sample material can accumulate and settle. A powerful centrifugal pump with individually adjustable speed ensures stable measuring in the dispersion unit. To measure samples tending to agglomerate, simply add the optionally available high-performance ultrasonic box to the sample circuit.

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