KPM Analytics Launches Automated Solvent Retention Capacity Analyzer

SRC-Chopin 2 analyzer is designed for the baking and milling industries.

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September 14, 2021

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KPM Analytics offers its new SRC-Chopin 2 analyzer for the baking and milling industries that allows a user to perform the SRC method automatically versus manually, providing consistent and objective results.

Compared with original the SRC-Chopin introduced in 2014, the SRC-Chopin 2 packed significant upgrades in software, electrical, and mechanical designs for improved user experience. It is simpler, more precise, and more consistent than the manual method, allowing bakers and millers to make confident assessments regarding their flour quality and final product requirements.

The SRC-Chopin 2 automates the manual SRC method, supplying data that is 30% more repeatable with a process that is 50% more reproducible than the manual method, ultimately minimizing the impact of operator error. As bakers and millers look to optimize their process for inspecting incoming sources of flour, the SRC method is critical for standardization of raw material coming into their respective facilities, across suppliers and locations.

The manual SRC method is laborious and time-consuming, requiring lab technicians to be trained to perform multiple steps during the analysis. With the SRC-Chopin 2, training required to run the analyzer is minimal, and after set-up, the analysis is performed by the instrument, reducing operator engagement and impact of the results. The SRC-Chopin 2 is the standardized automated method AACC 56-15.01 and ICC Draft Standard 186, giving users confidence in its proven and trusted scientific analysis.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring this new analyzer to market,” said Lionel Bernard, general manager of the Chopin Technologies brand. “The SRC-Chopin 2 is an efficient way for bakers and millers around the globe to standardize their products and secure their supply chain from one location to the next. The automation allows them to save time, money, and increase efficiency – which is a win-win for everyone.”

The new SRC-Chopin 2 analyzers will be available starting in October

KPM Analytics, Westborough, MA 774-462-6700

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