Instrumentation Spotlight - May 08

April 23, 2008

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Instrumentation Spotlight - May 08

pbs0804p28a2.jpgGuided-Wave Radar Level Transmitter
The Sitrans LG200 guided-wave radar level transmitter is a two-wire, loop-powered HART level transmitter that can measure materials with a dielectric range of 1.4 and higher, temperatures up to 800°F, and pressures up to 6250 psig. The line of 15 models includes coaxial, single- and twin-rod, and cable probes. All models are available with intrinsically safe, explosion proof, or nonincendive approvals. With its compact design and range of threaded and flanged process connections, the unit is easy to install. Simple setup is accomplished using three programming buttons on the instrument or via a HART handheld programmer. The user can also program the device from a remote location using the Simatic PDM process device manager via HART protocol.
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc., Alpharetta, GA 800-964-4114

pbs0804p28b2.jpgPulse-Radar Microwave Level Meter
Booth 1605 – This pulse-radar-type microwave level meter is designed for medium-range level measurement of powders, granules, and bulk solids. Microwave technology ensures measurement stability to counter suspended dust and other inhibiting factors. Adjustments are made by entering required parameters. Air-purge and other optional functions are also available to meet various environmental conditions.
AAAmachine Inc., Arlington Heights, IL 847-886-4535

pbs0804p28c2.jpgExtrusion Control Software
Booth 1328 – This extrusion control package can control the extruder speed so that its output has a predictable and repeatable mass flow. By accurately measuring material throughput, gravimetric extrusion control can compensate for material and process variations and provide more-consistent end-product quality. It is primarily targeted for use with single-screw flood-fed extruders in both mono- and coextrusion applications such as profile extrusion, cast sheet, blown film, cable coating, and laminating processes. Gravimetric extrusion control is virtually a necessity in multilayer coextrusion systems. The software controls end-product quality exactly, results in material cost savings, performs highly accurate multilayer coextrusion of films, results in longer production runs because of consistent extruder output, and detects problems before product goes out of specification.
K-Tron Process Group, Pitman, NJ 856-589-0500

pbs0804p28d2.jpgDigital Weight Indicator
Booth 2407 – The 210FE digital weight indicator features an extralarge display with remote controllability, dual serial ports, and flexible print formats. It powers eight load cells and has a numeric keypad, auto shutoff, and selectable key lockout—all in a 15 × 9.7-in. stainless-steel enclosure with 2.24-in.-high LED digits and giant key sizes for use with gloved fingers. The unit is highly visible by fork truck drivers when they load over a scale. The operator can add a remote wireless input device; tare, print, or zero can be added directly from the driver’s seat. The enclosure is made of rugged stainless steel with a NEMA 4X/IP66 rating to handle the harshest environments.
Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co., Webb City, MO 417-673-4631

pbs0804p28e2.jpgGuided-Wave Radar Level Sensors
Booth 2035 – Unlike other devices, Flexar guided-wave radar level sensors, based on time-domain reflectometry (TDR), measure the level of challenging powders because TDR is not affected by dust. The sensors are reliable, accurate, and easy to install and commission. A continuous series of radar pulses is emitted and guided to the material surface by the heavy-duty stainless-steel cable probe. When the radar pulses reach the material surface, they are reflected because of the change in dielectric constant. The radar pulses’ time
of flight is measured and directly related to the distance measured.
Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-601-6302

pbs0804p28f2.jpgTemperature Data Logger with Flexible Probe
The OM-CP-HiTemp-150FP is a small, rugged, reusable temperature data logger that is designed for deployment in harsh environments. It comes standard with a flexible silicone rubber cable, penetration-style stainless-steel probe, and stainless-steel body. The logger features a programmable start time, real-time operation, and an extended temperature range. Data analysis is easy using the accompanying Windows software. NIST calibration certificates are available. The extended temperature range is recommended for use in pharmaceutical labs, food preparation and processing plants, and other applications involving extreme temperatures.
Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, CT 203-359-1660

pbs0804p29a2.jpgMercury-Free Tilt Sensor
Booth 2123 – The Ramsey mercury-free tilt sensor incorporates advanced probes and controls that are designed to provide enhanced stability, sensitivity, and performance. Developed to address environmental concerns and meet government regulations, these units are easy to install. They are available with various probe assemblies that make them suited to applications that use an array of materials in a wide range of production and process environments in the power, aggregate, paper, coal mining and processing, and mineral mining and processing industries. Featuring a simple design that is easy to understand and use, the sensor is actuated when material causes the probe to tilt at an angle of 15° or more from its vertical position. The internal sensor has a 360° design and is precisely positioned so that, regardless of the direction of tilt, its normally closed contacts will open at 15°. A hanger assembly is provided with every probe to allow the probe to be placed in the optimum position for each individual process.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Minneapolis, MN 763-783-2500

pbs0804p29b2.jpgNIR Transmitters
Booth 2719 – The MCT360 multiconstituent NIR transmitter, a true stand-alone device, provides off-line accuracy under on-line operating conditions. Simultaneous information on important product constituents is instantly available to plant operators and control systems. MCT360 location is dictated by the process and conveying mechanisms in place. Users can take measurements by looking through a viewing window into the bottom of the spray dryer or before the screener so that corrective action can be implemented quickly. Often, moisture measurement can be used directly in closed-loop control applications.
Process Sensors Corp., Milford, MA 508-473-9901

pbs0804p29c2.jpgData Logger
Booth 1020 – The compact design of the DW-USB–series data logger allows the user to monitor temperature, humidity, dew point, voltage, or current almost anywhere. The user can select the sampling rate, start time, high/low alarm settings, and temperature unit parameters with an easy-to-install Windows-based operating system. Stored data are downloaded by simply plugging the module into a PC’s USB port. No cable is required. Alarm status and low battery are indicated via built-in flashing LEDs. When the protective cap is fitted, the data logger resists moisture to IP67 standards. The factory-supplied 3.6-V lithium battery typically allows for one year of logging. These features make the data logger ideal for calibration labs, pharmaceutical plants, environmental chambers, and storage warehouses.
Dwyer Instruments Inc., Michigan City, IN 800-872-9141

pbs0804p30a2.jpgWeight Controller
Booth 1845 – Only 3 in. deep, the HI 4050 general-purpose weight controller is easily configured to meet specific application needs. Available with ac or dc power and in panel, remote, or blind DIN rail mounting, the unit can be installed quickly with no special holes to cut. Available with rate-of-change weight monitoring capability, the controller comes standard with Ethernet and optional Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Remote I/O, or Modbus TCP. It includes Waversaver to eliminate the effects of surrounding vibration for fast, stable weight display. It uses C2 electronic calibration without test weights, a Secure Digital (SD)–based secure memory module card for fast transfer of configuration data, and Integrated Technician for system diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Hardy Instruments, San Diego, CA 800-821-5831

pbs0804p30b2.jpgProcess Control Systems
Booth 4605 – Best fully integrated industrial process control systems for bulk-process-handling applications are designed and built in the company’s in-house UL-listed panel shop. The systems are used in a variety of applications to streamline production operations. Production monitoring and management features are programmed for the user’s choice of automation platforms. Production and maintenance schedules can be configured on one server that logs and reports real-time and historical production data, downtime data, production trends, and maintenance. Reports can be as detailed as required.
Metso Minerals Industries Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237

pbs0804p30c2.jpgParticle Characterization System
Booth 2415 – A key feature of the Morphologi G3 automated particle characterization system is its fully integrated sample dispersion unit (SDU). The system provides microscope-quality images and delivers statistically significant particle size and shape data by rapidly analyzing hundreds of thousands of particles with little or no user intervention. The software-controlled dry-powder dispersion system reduces sample preparation times, improves measurement repeatability, and handles hazardous substances safely.
Malvern Instruments Inc., Westborough, MA 508-768-6400

pbs0804p30d2.jpgBaghouse Controller
Booth 1350 – The B-PAC MICS series of baghouse diagnostic controllers seamlessly integrates intelligent filter cleaning (IntelliPulse technology), pressure control, particulate monitoring, auxiliary sensing (such as fan amps, temperature, airflow), and a wide range of control functions into a single easy-to-use system. The unit can operate as a stand-alone controller, or it can be networked with existing PLCs and DCS systems. The company’s modular instrumentation and control system platform provides endless configuration options for all types of baghouses and cartridge filters, from low-cost basic devices to full process optimization systems. Benefits include reduced maintenance costs, lower compressed air use, energy savings, and maximum product recovery.
FilterSense, Beverly, MA 978-927-4304

pbs0804p31a2.jpgMicrowave Moisture Sensor System
This robust sensing system is used to measure moisture to a penetration depth of 12 in. in powders and bulk solids. The degree of accuracy is 0.2% where a measurement volume of 15 L (approximately 4 gal) is desired. The sensor can be flange or gantry mounted, or it can be used in other configurations to make transmission measurements in on-line volume applications. It can be con­figured for different applications with a process control system for up to 31 sensors. The sensor operates in a temperature range of 32° to 158°F. It is suitable for blending, mixing, and process control. Its material-specific calibration allows exact and reproducible moisture measurements under difficult circumstances.
ConverTec Corp., Newtown, PA, 215-860-8998

pbs0804p31b2.jpgRotation Switch
Booth 5324 – The rotation switch series is used for level sensing of low-density and potentially explosive powders. Each switch unit uses a rotating vane as a sensor to detect the level of a dust or powdered material. The vane is turned slowly by a brushless synchronous motor. As long as the level of the powder remains below the vane, the vane is free to turn. If the powder rises to the level of the vane, rotation stops. A switch turns off the synchronous motor and produces an output for an external control system. The vane sensing system enables the switch to be used for powdered materials with low densities (greater than 6 lb/cu ft).
Hawk Measurement, Phoenix, AZ 888-429-5538

pbs0804p31c2.jpgNanoparticle Analyzer
Booth 5211 – The DelsaNano-series particle analyzer performs zeta potential and particle-size analysis on the same sample and is designed to deliver accurate size measurement on particles ranging from 0.6 nm to 7 µm. The unit is also designed to measure the zeta potential of concentrated material and solid flat surfaces such as films, paper, and glass. Two models are offered: the DelsaNano S for particle-size analysis and the DelsaNano C for size and zeta potential measurement of particles in liquid suspension or zeta potential measurement of solid surfaces. An optional autotitrator is easily integrated for adjusting the sample’s pH.
Beckman Coulter Inc., Fullerton, CA 714-871-4848

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