Entry-Level NIR Spectrometer

January 8, 2013

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Entry-Level NIR Spectrometer

An accurate, entry-level family of lab spectrometers, the Spectral Evolution LF-Series offers a range of NIR spectrometer capabilities for applications that include: general spectroscopy; water and moisture analysis; process monitoring; petrochemical analysis and refining studies; environmental studies; food and grain analysis; polymer characterization and analysis. The LF-Series spectrometers all use an all photodiode array optical system directly mated to fiber optic to deliver maximum throughput and the following benefits: reliability, with no moving parts; autoexposure, autoscaling, and auto-dark shutter for fast, accurate, one-touch scans; stable, thermo-electrically (TE) cooled InGaAs array; USB and wireless Bluetooth communications; a wide choice of entrance optics, including fiber, lens, integrating sphere, or right angle diffuser; standard bench package with SMA-905 input; DARWin Data Acquisition software; pptional battery operation with two rechargeable Li-ion battery packs.
Spectral Evolution, Lawrence, MA 978-687-1833 www.spectralevolution.com

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