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Control System Automatically Manages Pneumatic Conveying

Gericke USA STP 61 pneumatic conveying control system
Gericke USA STP 61 pneumatic conveying control system

The STP 61 pneumatic conveying control system from Gericke USA offers automated control over the company's dense phase pneumatic conveying systems.

Developed to optimize conveying efficiency with a reliable, easy-to-operate bulk material transfer solution, the STP 61 features a proprietary design that automatically manages the ratio of conveying air to product to promote peak performance at high throughput, while minimizing air consumption. In both single sender batch systems and continuous, double sender systems, the STP 61 is proven to save energy and reduce associated costs versus manual control systems.

Included as standard equipment on the Pulse-Flow PTA, PulseLine PTA, and DenseFlow PHF automated pneumatic conveying systems, the versatile STP 61 controller is pre-programmed, ready to use, and easy to custom configure for fast installation and startup. The system is designed with a full-color, illustrated, touch-screen control panel and a choice of 14 languages for intuitively easy setup and operation. With a TCP/IP interface, the STP 61 provides a comprehensive range of process data and permits data review on-site and online, along with speedy, optional remote support.

The STP 61 operates as a standalone controller and may be integrated into a PLC environment via Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus, and Profinet. Product testing using the bulk solids controller is offered at the company's NJ test lab.

Gericke USA Inc., Somerset, NJ 855-888-0088 www.gerickegroup.com

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