Compact Laser Particle Size Analyzer Has Wide Measuring Range

Fritsch offers the Analysette 22 NeXT Micro and the high-end Analysette 22 NeXT nano particle size analyzers.

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Fritsch offers the Analysette 22 NeXT Micro for all typical measurement tasks from 0.5-1,500 µm or the high-end Analysette 22 NeXT nano with an extra wide measuring range from 0.01-3,800 µm for maximum precision and sensitivity even for the smallest particles.

The advantages of the NeXT generation include:

* Measuring range from 0.01 – 3,800 µm

* Powerful, practically wear-free and maintenance-free dispersion unit, residue-free rinsing

* Whole measuring process flexible to program via SOPs and a measuring time typically < 1 minute

* Reproducible results and the possibility to record additional parameters such as temperature and pH value during wet dispersion

* Simple to operate and clean

A particle size analyzer is only as good as its dispersion capabilities. Due to the Analysette 22 NeXT‘s reduced design and robust engineering, the dispersion unit is durable and practically maintenance-free. The complete absence of valves and movable seals in the sample circuit ensures that there are no dead spaces for sample material to settle. The powerful, adjustable-speed centrifugal pump distributes the sample uniformly in the entire circuit for stable measurements.

To measure samples tending to agglomerate, simply add the optionally available high-performance ultrasonic box to the sample circuit.

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