BASF, trinamiX introduce Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution

Powerful, cloud-based combination of handheld device, smartphone app, and customer portal to serve the feed industry

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October 13, 2021

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BASF Animal Nutrition and trinamiX GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE, join forces to introduce trinamiX' Mobile Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Solution to the feed industry.

With this launch, the portable NIR solution provides customers across the entire value chain with a fast, reliable on-site analysis of animal feed and ingredients.

By significantly miniaturizing conventional NIR spectroscopy, trinamiX has successfully paved the way for a high-performance “lab in the pocket.” Together with BASF, the company is now using its solution to accelerate and simplify feed analysis. The collaboration brings together BASF’s animal nutrition knowledge and trinamiX' expertise in mobile NIR spectroscopy. The result is a powerful, cloud-based combination of a handheld device, smartphone app, and customer portal that enables customers to receive relevant insights into the quality and nutritional value of samples at the push of a button. The solution enhances feed formulation and quality control.

Through this partnership, BASF Animal Nutrition is expanding its digital solutions portfolio, providing customers with solutions that go beyond feed additives to address the industry's most complex challenges. "Gaining transparency on the nutrient composition of feed is key when addressing livestock requirements. Differing needs across life and health stages as well as changing raw materials require constant dietary adjustments. Using our mobile NIR solution, feed millers, nutritionists, and farmers get a fast and independent solution to guarantee the quality of animal diets," said Manuel Rez, director product management performance ingredients & marketing at BASF Animal Nutrition.

The new NIR solution covers a variety of samples, ranging from feed ingredients to finished feed to forage. It supports parameters that are crucial to feed quality and the wellbeing of livestock, including moisture, protein, fat, and energy. "By combining accurate results with the flexibility of a portable device which fits into your pocket, we are paving the way for an efficient and reliable approach to feeding," explained Nils Mohmeyer, head of business development and sales spectroscopy at trinamiX.

Measuring a sample takes less than a minute and can be performed on the spot. The results are instantly displayed in the smartphone app and are permanently accessible via trinamiX’ web-based customer portal for further evaluation. "Our customers no longer need to send samples to the laboratory. Instead, the laboratory comes to them," Mohmeyer added.

Going forward, BASF and trinamiX will continue to collaborate on further enhancing the solution. Continuous updates via cloud ensure that upcoming applications and features are always available to customers without replacing the hardware.

For more information about where and how to purchase the solution, contact Gerd Diebold ([email protected]) or Nils Mohmeyer ([email protected]).  

trinamiX GmbH, Ludwigshafen, Germany +49 (621) 60-42082

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