Antares Vision Expands AI-Based Data Monitoring Software Portfolio

Antares Vision, global leader in visual inspection systems, track & trace solutions, and smart data management, has expanded its portfolio of AI-based production facility software.

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Antares Vision, global leader in visual inspection systems, track & trace solutions, and smart data management, has expanded its portfolio of AI-based production facility software.

Originally introduced for OEE performance tracking, the company’s AVionics software solutions can now be utilized to track overall manufacturing efficiencies, ensure process quality, predict equipment maintenance, and detail sustainability parameters.

By tracking various key performance indicators (KPIs), AVionics streamlines data into a user-friendly dashboard for intuitive operator decision-making. Information collected from production and packaging lines can then be used to improve business processes at all levels – from line-level manufacturing through overarching, enterprise-level metrics development. AVionics is easily installed as an add-on, drop-in module on lines without impacting previously implemented validation procedures, or the performance of existing systems.

Antares Vision’s initial AVionics offering was in response to pharmaceutical companies’ desire to leverage data generated to comply with serialization mandates in the US and abroad. The new additions to the AVionics set of solutions are suitable for sectors well beyond pharma. The data intelligence landscape system comprises modules capable of collecting various categories of data – from lines, machines, quality control components, etc. – and connecting different equipment and machinery to each other. From there, AVionics integrates with production management software, such as MES and ERP, to monitor performance and maximize efficiencies via 360° management of all generated data.

AVionics now consists of five modules that can be implemented either independently or in combination with each other to collect and interpret data. This provides a singular software platform from which various licenses and features can be activated and accessed:

* AVionics Performance monitors equipment key performance indicators (KPIs), analyses and trends to identify optimal performance at line, plant and company level

* AVionics Quality collects data from quality controls through statistical checks of processes based on quality and variability; the solution then constructs models and trends to create predictive analyses

* AVionics Manager controls and optimizes the entire production process (from line or control room) via a centralized storage setup, providing an exchange of input and output data for real-time decisions based on transpiring activities

* AVionics Maintenance helps improve performance by directing predictive and preventive system technical maintenance

* AVionics Sustainability collects electricity consumption data and parameters related to a facility’s environmental impact, toward the goal of reducing consumption and waste, improving ROI, and documenting and optimizing the environmental profile of individual products

Through artificial intelligence algorithms based on machine-learning processes, AVionics is designed to further enhance system accuracy and reliability over time. The result is a slew of benefits:

* Constant monitoring of process performance and KPIs on all levels (lines, plants, company) through customizable and user-friendly dashboards, to achieve consistent, comprehensive real-time oversight

* Coordination of all production departments with targeted actions in real time, to plan and improve current and future activities based on trends and history

* Continuous improvement through artificial intelligence, granting access to all information needed to quickly make decisions for production planning efficiency

* A sustainable technology that helps companies reduce consumption and waste, increasing ROI and improving the environmental impact of production

“Our data management solutions operate in real time alongside production and quality processes, providing information on useful values to help guide future activities,” said Emidio Zorzella, CEO of Antares Vision. “AVionics envisions a factory-of-the-future digital transformation in which all relevant data are interconnected, aggregated, analyzed, and used proactively within a smart ecosystem. This level of data analysis can uncover unique opportunities and allow companies to remain highly competitive by utilizing advanced metrics.”

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