September 27, 2018

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Conti-TDS Offers 3-A Sanitary Certification
3-A Certified Conti-TDS

Powder Technologies Inc. (PTI), exclusive distributor of Ystral powder and liquid processing systems throughout North America, offers the Conti-TDS as a solution for food processing applications. The 3-A Certified Conti-TDS has improved manufacturing processing of products such as salad dressings, baby food, milk drinks, and gelatin solutions.

The patented Conti-TDS system operates dust-free and loss-free. In a single processing unit, it provides:

* Dust-free powder induction from bags, bulk bags, containers, or silos

* Immediate powder wetting and effective dispersion with complete de-agglomeration

* Adaptation to one or several vessels – stationary or mobile – with existing systems installation

* Induction rates up to 800 lb/min and shear speed up to 100 ft/sec with shear gradient 50,000 sec.-1

* Clean-in-place without disassembly

* Transfer to storage tanks with the same machine

The Conti-TDS process allows better reactivity and higher efficiencies for the raw material resulting in a higher quality end product with no agglomeration. It also minimizes production time and completely avoids partial processing steps, thereby minimizing costs. 

The Conti-TDS is based on an inline dispersing machine. Its rotor stator system transports and disperses liquid with high shear energy resulting in a liquid flow through the dispersing chamber that builds up a high induction vacuum. This vacuum in turn inducts powder with no agglomeration, without emitting dust into the environment or leaving any powder in the bottom of its container, thereby eliminating product waste that so often occurs with powder induction into liquid.

Typical installation for the Conti-TDS is within a recirculation operation attached to a vessel. It easily integrates into existing processing systems and can be attached to several vessels or mobilized to work in different production areas. Product changes are easy to handle. It can provide continuous processing by working in flip-flop, a combination of batch and storage tank or as a min/max processing system. The same machine can also provide a continuous inline process. Several powders may be inducted and dosed in a given sequence; swelling and dispersing time can be adjusted. For extremely high viscosity products such as offset printing inks, silicon sealants, knifing filler, or glue, the machine is used in combination with a volumetric pump.

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