Van Beek Supplies Custom-Built TwinFeeders to Hosokawa Micron

June 25, 2014

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Van Beek Supplies Custom-Built TwinFeeders to Hosokawa Micron
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Van Beek recently supplied a state-of-the-art TwinFeeder to Hosokawa Micron in Doetinchem, The Netherlands. Hosokawa uses this type of TwinFeeder as a feed screw for its Drymeister (DMR) flash dryer. Because of the constantly changing designs that Hosokawa Micron needs, it remains a challenge for Van Beek to adapt the TwinFeeder each time for this specific customer. Van Beek has succeeded in this to Hosokawa’s full satisfaction, shown by the fact that relationship between the two companies dates back more than 25 years.

The TwinFeeder is used by Hosokawa Micron to supply its DMR flash dryer that combines drying, grinding, and wind sifting, and can produce an ultrafine powder directly from moist material with a narrow particle size distribution. With two rotating screws, driven by one motor and gear, the TwinFeeder feeds different products to be dried such as fish waste, starch, rice flour, brewers grains, vegetable and fruit pulp, and calcium carbonate into a continuous process. The capacity of the TwinFeeder therefore varies considerably. For example, a TwinFeeder for a laboratory application requires a capacity of 40 l/hr, while a production machine for organic crystals actually processes 7600 l/hr.

“We have been working since time immemorial with Hosokawa Micron, but it is still a challenge for Van Beek to achieve the different designs that Hosokawa Micron needs,” said Roel Kneepkens, sales engineer at Van Beek, “I enjoy working with Hosokawa Micron as a critical client that only accepts each machine when the dimensions and level of finish have been checked by an inspector. We also attach great important to this, because Van Beek stands for quality and reliability.”
    Wouter van den Bergh, purchaser at Hosokawa Micron B.V., added, “Our relationship with Van Beek goes back more than 25 years. We like working with Van Beek not only because of the quality of the screw conveyor systems, but also because of the ready knowledge and expertise of the employees. Van Beek as a partner helps us think in technical terms. For example, Van Beek ensures that the designs that Hosokawa Micron needs do not get out of step with previous designs”.

Technical specifications
The TwinFeeder is a relatively small machine, in which the seals, bearings, and sealing unit are incorporated compactly. As an option a large buffer or stilling bin is mounted on the inlet. Depending on the required capacity the diameter of the screws varies between 100 and 250 mm. For the seal Van Beek selects a special V-ring seal or a gland packing. An axial outlet ensures that the product is dispensed directly into the DMR and so enters the process directly.
    The design is of SS304 or SS316, possibly with a hygienic finish such as electrolytically polished or high-gloss polished (RA >0.8 µm). An Atex design of the TwinFeeder and certification is possible. Another option is a heavy-duty design of the machine so that the TwinFeeder is suitable for 10 bar epsr (explosion proof shock resistant).
    Hosokawa Micron BV specializes in the powder processing industry with its core-business being engineering, design, delivery, and service of systems and complete plants for high-shear mixing, drying, granulation, grinding, classification, and filling and weighing of powders and combinations of the above-mentioned processes in the pharmaceuticals, (fine) chemicals, food, cosmetics, plastics, and metals and minerals industry. For more information, visit

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