May 8, 2013

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Vacuum Feeder
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The Hapman vacuum feeder is a cost-effective way to make batch slurries, easily blending powder and liquid on demand. The vacuum feeder is available as a portable unit for easy maneuvering throughout a plant. Featuring an easy-to-use vacuum wand, it quickly conveys dry product from a tote or other container into the feeder hopper. The hopper allows material to accumulate as the feeder disperses dry product in measured amounts into an educator, which creates the blending action allowing the metered material to be entrained with the liquid flow. The resulting slurry can then be pumped to the next location in the process. The vacuum feeder has uses in a wide range of applications, including water and waste treatment, chemical processing, food ingredient processing, and other areas where a fast, efficient, and portable method of hydrating material is required.
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