Feedroll Provides Seamless Startup in Thermoforming Applications

March 30, 2015

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Feedroll Provides Seamless Startup in Thermoforming Applications

Cumberland, an ACS Group brand and manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry, introduces the U Series Feedroll system – a granulator feed conveyor designed to ensure seamless startup in thermoforming applications for improved uptime.

The U Series feedroll system features a broad opening (up to 56 in. across) to handle the most challenging scrap associated with large thermoforming applications. The extra-wide opening helps eliminate jamming or misfeeds when feeding bulky scrap during startup. Users can also adjust the size of the opening to more efficiently process lower-volume skeletal scrap.

Building on best practices from current feed roll system designs, the enhanced U Series feedroll incorporates the following features to improve overall performance:

•    Standardized feed rolls (two): Made from carbon steel with knurled surfaces, the interchangeable feed roll design is cost-effective while maintaining strength and balance.
•    Adjustable strippers (six): Adjustable and interchangeable, the strippers aid in sheet removal and help prevent material from wrapping the feed roll. The design also features replaceable stripper blades to ease maintenance.
•    Drive system: Includes a 3hp C-Frame motor drive for a top speed of 75 fpm for faster scrap processing. The drive system also includes an adjustable duplex chain capable of reverse running to facilitate clearing scrap, and a spring-loaded tensioner allowing the chain to stretch by 3 percent – ensuring proper operations at all times.
•    Adjustable air cylinders: Built-in adjusters allow users to set the minimum roll gap to keep the two feed rolls from running in contact with each together.

The U Series Feedroll is offered as an option on new Cumberland thermoforming granulators, and can also be retrofitted to existing compatible Cumberland units.

ACS Group, New Berlin, WI 262-641-8600 www.acscorporate.com

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