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Step Into Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream PlantStep Into Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Plant

It's summertime. And what better time than to see how the #1 ice cream company make its frozen desserts.

Kristen Kazarian

June 7, 2023

Ben & Jerry's has been in the ice cream business since 1978.

After just one course in ice cream-making from Penn State and a $12,000 investment ($4,000 of it borrowed), Ben and Jerry open their first ice cream scoop shop in a renovated gas station in Burlington, VT.

B&J's was the top ranked ice cream brand of the US with about $911 million worth of sales in 2022. It's so popular that pints have been shipped to the UK.

In 2000, Ben and Jerry's became a wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever. And 2014 brought a non-dairy option to the ice cream range.

The ice cream company is involved in various environmental and social causes around not only the States, but the world.

Watch how the famous ice cream is made in their production facility on each production line.

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