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PepsiCo Subsidiary Plans $30M Beverage Plant Expansion

Image courtesy of Flickr user jeepersmedia (Mike Mozart) 15124506002_b5c3de0088_k.jpg
A new manufacturing line will be installed at the firm’s Florida facility to boost production of Gatorade.

PepsiCo subsidiary SVC Manufacturing Inc. is launching a $30 million project to add a new manufacturing line to its Gatorade plant in Osceola County, FL, county officials announced this week.

“We are committed to increasing employment opportunities in Central Florida, which is home to our PepsiCo North America Beverages South Division headquarters,” PepsiCo Beverages North America – South Division President Derek Lewis said in a release. “This investment of an additional Gatorade manufacturing line will not only assist the local community with additional jobs but will be key in our path to support our customers’ business growth, as well as our growth in Florida and beyond.”

The new line will create 40 new jobs at the facility. Osceola County offered tax incentives and refunds to SVC Manufacturing to support the project. Officials approved an annual Economic Development AD Valorem Tax Refund of 50% of the incremental County Ad Valorem Taxes paid on new equipment between 2022 and 2026. The county is also providing a job creation tax incentive of $3,000 per job.

“Gatorade is a grate corporate partner and this expansion is a fantastic return on investment for the county – about a 60:1 ratio. It also aligns with our adopted Strategic Plan’s goal to ‘Grow and Diversify’ the economy by expanding an existed targeted industry,” said Osceola Commission Chairwoman Viviana Jener in a statement. “With the highest unemployment rate in the state sparked by the Coronavirus pandemic, these 40 new jobs could be a game-changer for hard-working residents desperate to save their homes and their lifestyles.”

Work on the project is slated to start this year and start operations by mid-2021. The PepsiCo company will begin filling the new roles this December.

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