May 10, 2017

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PepsiCo Seeks New Protein Sources for Snacks and Drinks
Image courtesy of PepsiCo

Global food and beverage company PepsiCo is seeking new protein sources made from plants, mycoproteins, or insects and processing methods using the ingredients for use in its snacks and beverage products, according to a request recently posted to PepsiCo’s NineSights external innovation website.

“Consumers the world over have embraced a variety of high-protein foods, such as Greek-style yogurt and beef jerky style meat products. Unfortunately, that increased level of protein in the product can negatively impact consumer perceptions by adversely impacting texture, taste, color, etc.,” PepsiCo’s request said. “PepsiCo would like to achieve a protein level that provides a measurable positive impact for consumers while enabling a comparable consumer experience.”

While plant-based protein ingredients effort will primarily focus of the effort, the company said it would also consider mycoprotein and insect protein sources. Among its “key success criteria” for new proteins, the food and beverage maker said it desires “process friendly” ingredients that provide “efficient delivery of good nutrition protein” with “minimal” impact on flavor and texture

The firm’s secondary goals for the ingredients include non-GMO status, “negligible” flavor and texture impact, “clean label” ingredients, and nutritional benefits beyond protein delivery.

PepsiCo said it its request does not include development of protein ingredients from soy, moringa, Khai-nam (“duck weed”), cricket powder, meal worm powder, pea, dairy, and single cell protein because the company has conducted extensive researcher in those areas in the past. Those submitting ingredients in response to the request are urged to avoid ingredients made from dairy, egg, meat, and gelatin sources.

The due date for the ingredients is Dec. 29, 2017. For more information, click here to view PepsiCo’s request.

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